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This is a 20th Anniversary Changeling the Dreaming Game for IRC

The fae are a curious set of creatures. Originally the Dreams of Mortals turned into races to fight a great war no one remember now becoming races grouped by the type of dreams they represent. These races were called Kiths.

The world changed dreams started to fade and reason became the course of the day, the fae abandoned by their rulers and forced to enter human bodies a human perspective forever changing their fae nature.

If the fae know anything, it's that the world go in cycles, the moon landing sparked the imagination and opened the once closed gates to the dreaming. The Nobles have returned and not even they truly know why more and more fae are awakening to their nature.

Dreams are becoming reality.

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IMPORTANT: The Head Storyteller is all the NPCs in the world and basically the world at large. If you do not talk to the Head Storyteller about having been given a task by a major NPC, having a Lord you are working for then these people do not exist or the NPCs don't know about it.

Minor things are alright, you do not have to get working at a Starbucks approved, but having High King David send you to replace the Count need to be brought up to the Head Storyteller.

If it is unclear to you ASK

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