House Changes

This is a list of changes minor and otherwise, from the main book, I am putting them nominally in order and proving links to larger pieces of information.

Book One: Childling

Chapter One: The World of Darkness

Kithain History

  • The Tuatha de Danaan and the Famorians are basically the Higher Mental Reason and Lizard Id instincts of Humanity Respectively.
  • The Fae are actually the physical Avatars of Human Dreams of their respective type of Dreams, the type of Dream leads to the Kith of the fae.
  • Canada was the bridgehead for the Sidhe to take over Concordia due to them being less hostile towards monarchs than American Fae on average.
  • The Treaty with the Commoners was that the Noble Houses would rule not the Sidhe, Then House Liam ennobled a commoner making her a Lord.
  • We are in the first stretch of High King David's reign, this isn't so much a change as just a note that we're saving upcoming events for later in game.
  • Our Shadow Court is Different.
  • The thing we are being threatened with is the Endless Summer, a hot scorched desert where no Glamour can thrive.
  • Bad things happening are not banal boring things are banal. So wars are only banal if they are boring. Now cutting money for the arts, artists loosing platforms etc… that shit is banal.


  • You do not need to know your true name, your True Name is like knowing he Programing code to what your avatar in a video game is, if anyone bugs me too much about knowing your true name then I will make it a house rule that no one knows their true name.
  • Sidhe come with their Houses they do not pick them it's a major part of their personality and is something they are born into.


  • Houses are different types of leadership styles from dreams formally what type of Sidhe you were, with ennobled commoners they are now part of one's leadership style.
  • The Only Houses are Dougal, Fiona, Gwydion, Liam, Ailil, Balor, Leanhaun, Eiluned, Scathach, Daireann (Other Houses Maybe Added if I can make them fit.)
  • House Balor is called House Grianne

Inanimate Chimera

  • Unless made by a skilled craftsman or extreme emotion all inanimate chimera are temporary (I may change this later)

Through The Ages

  • The Court Animosity is a modern invention, Houses did not have a Seelie or Unseelie designation until recently.
  • Fae originally being creatures of a turning wheel let the wheel turn as part of their nature.
  • Modern fae use to the idea of good and evil, two sides and someone has to be wrong have put these values onto the courts. Especially those who were caught in the Autumn World

Attitudes And Society

  • Unseelie is seen generally by Autumn fae as evil, and Seelie is good. Arcadian Sidhe have been trying to change this but sometimes they need to be careful, Unseelie aligned houses took major losses during the Accordance War assuming self-styled serial killers were merely Unseelie.

Shadow Court

  • Shadow Court stuff if different, don't follow the book.

Modern Feudalism

  • Midlevel Lords would throw at least one major feast a year for his tenants, and peasants likely policed themselves for the mot part. Watch Midlevel Lives for more information. (I trust Terry Jones)

Kingdom of Concordia

  • 14 Kingdoms, 3 Territories
  • In Our Game Canada is the Kingdoms of Northen Ice, established when Canada was taken as the Sidhe bridgehead.
  • A section on the Kingdoms of Northen Ice coming soon.

Kingdom of Pacifica

  • It's called the Kingdom of Gold

Chapter Two: The Kithain


  • Dreams of Treasures, hidden and otherwise.
  • Always standing no taller than 5'5 Clurichauns always have hair appearing like a precious metal, gold, silver bronze, etc. The Iris of their eyes are like a gemstone, precious or semi-precious.
  • Ignore Life Style
  • Ignore the Seemings
  • Affinity: Prop
  • Fighting Words is now Unveiling the Valuable (The Clurichaun can ask at any time whether or not something of Value, be it monetary or emotionally is hidden. The Storyteller is to give them a Yes or no Answer.)


  • Eshu are the Dreams of Visitors from distant lands, Eshu do not really have a homeland they come from places that only exist in the dreams and imaginations of those who adore travel.
  • Eshu always appear foreign, in America, an Eshu may appear Japanese but white when visiting Japan. Their Eyes are always the same completely black and full of stars.


  • Dreams of Games


  • Frailty is the same but the reason for it is that Redcaps are Naturally bad at being Social, whether it's accidently wondering aloud how your date would taste or blurting out that you will eat a guys head on the bus. Redcaps can over come their handy-cap with hard work but they will always get a + 2 difficulty for all none intimidation based Social Rolls.


  • I have rewritten the Sidhe basic description to be about the Sidhe.
  • Autumn Sidhe Appearance ReWrite
  • I am just going to say that my politics are going to be a bit muddier than the ones in here.

Noble Houses

  • Exiles are suspicion and rumour not even the Sidhe really know why they are here.
  • House Balor resigned as House Grianne.

House Dougal

  • Dougal Flaw is a disability that the Dougal must compensate for, new members of House Dougal will in their first month suffer some form of accident which causes this flaw. This cannot be avoided and some even opt to injure themselves to take on this flaw on their own terms.
  • House Dougal Flaw in edition the Dougal all have a special makers mark they must roll willpower diff 8 not to include it. (or make a banality trigger thingy ask Patrick.)

House Scathach

  • Ignore the first part of the House Ban, they just suffer the battle trance stuff.

Chapter Three: Character Creation & Traits

Step Seven: Specialties

  • Crafts and Performance don't get specialities until 4 dots.

Personality Archetypes: Legacies

  • A fae goes through Crystalis when they fore fill their legacy for the first time. Whichever legacy they fore fill dictates their initial court.
  • We are stripping the normal Legacies so that people can write their own that ft their version of the legacies. You can use the descriptive as a starting place. More Information and Rules to come.


  • No Attribute Specialties


  • It does not limit Dice Pool but we do roll it for more things than most games. You can roll it for Intimidation, Communicating through Body Language and even Stalking someone through a city Street.

Merits & Flaws

  • For online gameplay, a Session is a day, and a Chapter is a Month.
  • Living Legend Merit: You are a Dream a Shadow of someone from legend or History etc. This does not mean the original is you are like the dreaming's echo. The 2 pt social benefit works on mortals or another none fae who worship you, fae may give you extra respect because you are cool. Your fae means does not have to look like your legend, however, it will be harder for you to be recognized and gain the 2 point benefit.
  • Nightmares Flaw: If you fail your nightmare roll which must be made before going IC you cannot play another character for an hour.

Chapter Four


  • Naming: This Art deal with True Names and Runes, Only persons sworn to service in the Crystal Circle can learn this Art. (Or NPCs)
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