1: Innocence
The Caster makes themselves forget about the target of he Bunk, so by using say Prop the user can steal a necklace and then not know anything about it when questioned later, the downside is that the Caster cannot keep knowledge of the item in their head. Anymagical means of testing if the caster is lying has their diffculty increased by the number of successes made on this Cantrip.

2: Trick of the Light
The Caster makes the Target look like something or someone else from a distance, however when onlookers get closer they can easily see though the illusion. The two things have to be related, you cannot make a door look like small dog but you could make it look like a wall merial or part of the wall.

3: Facade
The Caster can desguise something with the flimbious of desguises, putting on a wig and heels to look like a woman, writing red wine on a bottle of juice to make it seem like a wine, putting dragon wings on a dog to make people see a dragon, this Cantrip Fades the moment that the disguise is removed.

4: Drawing a Blank
The Caster can make a Target forget about a task they are doing for them as soon as they complete it, such as lend me some money or go rob a bank for me. They will forget that they were asked and what they did, however they are not in any way compelled to complete the task, and will remember fine before it's compeition.

The Target makes a willpower roll when the cantrip is made, if they are successful they can be reminded of the task and regain their memories.

5: Prison of The Mind
The Caster can plant a very pervasive delusion into the targets mind, like you are the Queen of England or the Police are out to get you.

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